Monday, 5 November 2012

The Clever bird Figaro!

Is this the sign of the animal evolution, maybe all animal can talk, or think like a human being in the future, or maybe 100 years later. Maybe this is the sign.... hehe.. scroll down to see the video..
Figaro making a tool from a branch using his beak and feet to build a 'rake' 
Figaro is making a rake, because it cannot reach a nut outside its cage.
A Goffin's cockatoo called Figaro has been found the make and use tools to get food
it would be easy using a rake.
Figaro uses the piece of branch to roll the nut towards him in behaviour not seen before in a parrot 
Almost there...
Success! Figaro manages to roll the nut toward himself and push it through the wire of his enclosure

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