Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dusun People early 20th century from Ranau!

Tahun mungkin dalam 1910 - 1915, kerana gambar ini diambil oleh Mr.Edward Owen Rutter yang berada di Borneo (formally know as Sabah today), dari tahun 1910-1915.
Ini merupakan catatan beliau ketika itu..

The term "Dusun" has been used by Europeans, who, in the nineteenth century, adopted the colloquial Malay language usage, orang dusun (people of the orchards) as a standard reference term. The recent ethnological literature refers to this population as "Dusun," or has grouped the culture with a larger entity mainly , Idäan, Kadazan, Kalamantan, Kiaus, Piasau Id'an, Saghais, Sipulotes, Sundayak,
Tambunwhas (Tambunaus), Tuhun Ngaavi , to name a few. Today , many Dusun view the name "Dusun" as a legacy of European colonial domination and as a disparaging ethnic identification that discounts their long cultural history and knowledge.
Dusun commonly have recognized differences among themselves through the use of geographic designations (e.g., Tambunan, Penampang, Tempassuk, etc.) and on the basis of dominant subsistence activity .
- Owen Rutter

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